Affiliated to Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ballari. Approved by Govt. Karnataka

Mission & Vission


These days, despite a huge increase in the number of schools, the quality of education haunts the parents in selecting a school where the child is unable to meet the expectation of the “Minimum Level of Learning “.
Satyam International school believes that the “Destiny of India is been shaped in the Classrooms”. So it’s extremely important to provide highly eminent education to the students to pertain them in their real life. We in Satyam International School provide education in an innovative way where children just don’t see it as a source to outdo in the examination but for the escalation of phenomenal knowledge in all their respective interests.


The fear for just an excellence in academic lines and of new experience among students kills the spirit of adventure in the student’s education life. In Satyam International School the purpose of education is not to produce mere scholars, technicians and job hunters, but integrated youngsters who are free of fear.
We design academic curriculum in a way which make them to use intuition as well as logic to produce ideas and make decision. We impart strength and efficiency by providing enriched educational opportunities and personally fulfilling and challenging academic curriculum that prepare all aspirants for productive roles in society and bring perfection in entirety which projects our vision.

Quick Contact

Corporate Office
Satyam Group of Institutions
195/C, 8th Cross, M V Nagar
Kappagal Road
Bellary – 583103
Campus Address
Satyam International School and P U College
After 2nd Canal, Kappagal village Road
Bellary – 538103

College Newsletter

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